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Slots RTP - Return To Player

The RTP of a Video Slot – more commonly known as the “return-to-player” percentage – is simple, yet complex at the same time.

Imagine you’re faced with a Video Slot which features 5-reel and 3 rows – a fairly normal setup for an online slot. If each reel has 100 symbols placed upon it, and the reels stop at random, there are over 10,000,000,000 (10bn or 100*5) different outcomes for that singular spin! However; if the Video Slot uses say – 20-paylines – that figure drops to 500 million permutations (10bn/20).

Now, say you decided to stake $1 on 500,000,000 spins, and won every possible outcome at once (impossible, but a good way to show how this works), you’d win $480,000,000. That equates to 96% of your total wager. That 4% is the house edge – and the 96% is the return-to-player.

Generally, you’ll see USA online casinos offering Video Slots with RTPs of around 96-97%, although this can differ quite a bit, and Video Slots are always prone to updates and change, so be sure to check the slots just before you play, to double check!

Some Video Slots will have the RTP in the game’s actual description, so you can just go right in and see for yourself. If you don’t manage to find the information you need, you can do a simple Google Search, which will reveal the RTP.

You hear a lot of players talk about the RTP – and how it affects their choice of game – but really, you needn’t worry about it.

RTPs are calculated over hundreds of millions of spins, and you’re very unlikely to ever experience any effect from it, unless you’re playing the same Video Slot, in the same session, for months at a time. More important, is the volatility of the game, and you can read more about Video Slots volatility.

NOTE: even if a slot includes a RTP of 99.99%, if you continue to play that slot you will still lose – that .1% will get you in the end – although again, this won’t ever actually matter, in reality.

Another thing to remember, is that an RTP is based on theory – and that’s why you may often see it displayed as “TRTP” – Theoretical Return To Player. In reality, a Video Slot could pay the jackpot on 3 consecutive spins… and it could refrain from giving a single win for 100 spins – both incredibly unlikely, but possible.

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