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Slots Volatility - Low, Medium and High Variance Slots

Of all casino games, slots have the highest variance, and they tend to be many players number one choice of game, despite the high variance.

High variance means that slot is programed to pay less regularly, but BIGGER, when it does pay. This ensures players stand a chance of winning massive amounts of money, as opposed to a 20X-100X stake win. In fact, many of the highest-volatility Video Slots online today can pay up to 20,000X… and play a progressive jackpot Video Slot, and that number can rise to millions!

Whilst high variance results in a lesser chance of wins, when wins do come, they tend to be larger, ensuring you’re in with a great chance of earning money; a key factor that plays a big part in a game’s excitement factor and popularity.

Every casino slot features a difference variance, and this is represented by the RTP – known as the return-to-player. The higher the RTP, the less volatile the slot will be, and the lower the RTP, the more volatile it’ll be.

If you’re like many players, you want to know how a Video Slot players before investing your own money – and the BEST way of doing this, is by trying a Video Slot out in “Free Play”, or “Demo” mobile devices. Now, if you live in European Countries, this isn’t a problem – by law, companies have to offer a free version – but if you’re living in America, you often won’t have the same luxury.

Thankfully there’s an easy solution, and it’s our official Slots4Play mobile App, available FREE, on iOS, Android, and Windows cell phones and tablets. If you’re an Android user, just head to the PlayStore, and search for “Slots4Play”, while iOS users should open up the AppStore and search again, “Slots4Play”. You can then download the free app and enjoy playing all the Video Slots on the planet… without needing to signup, or spend a cent!

Remember; If you want to play in search of BIG wins, AND are prepared to wait a long time for that win – and risk busting out multiple times before it comes – select a high-variance Video Slot.

If you prefer a prolonged video gaming experienced, and aren’t overly bothered about big wins, but simply want to enjoy your time and effort spent gaming, select a low variance slot.

There are also some tell-tell signs that a slot is high-volatility

Jackpot Value - the bigger the jackpot, the bigger the variance usually is. It’s unlikely for a slot with an unusually high jackpot to be low variance, as the slot needs money to fund the jackpot.

Number Of Pay-lines - generally, the more pay-lines a slot offers, the lower the variance will be. Any slot player will understand that more pay-lines present more variations and probabilities for winning combinations, and this in turn lowers the variance.

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