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USA Casino Bonus Codes

Bonus Codes are some players “secret weapon” against the casino, and they allow you to claim sort type of prize, reward, or discount, just for inputting a coupon code, either when depositing money, or just randomly. You’ve probably seen the term “Casino Bonus” thrown around quite a bit, especially if you’re already a player at an online casino…

What do you know what a bonus code is? Do you know how to redeem it? And… more importantly… do you know where to find the best US online casino bonus codes? Well listen carefully, because we’re going to share all the above in this short post! Let’s begin by looking at what a Casino Bonus actually is.

Much like you would when you use a 50% off coupon when ordering piazza, a Casino Bonus Code allows you to claim a “freebie” or perk from the casino, and in this post, we’ll look at the types of perks you can get… and how to use the codes!

Today, the most popular reward from a Casino Bonus code is free-spins. So, you input your bonus code, and are given a number of free-spins to use on a certain Video Slot game – simple!

Another popular bonus code option is a matched-deposit-bonus, which means that any funds you put into your casino account will be “topped up” by the casino. Depending on the code you use, you can get anywhere from a 50% match (meaning if you deposited $100, the casino would give you $50, bringing your balance to $150), all the way up to a 200% bonus (so a $100 deposit would give you $300 of credit!)

Those are generally the two bonus code types you’ll come across today, although there are more.

For Starters? Here! of course or everywhere! You'll get plenty as well in form of promotional newsletters from the casino… heck, you can even go on live chat support and ask if they have anything!

They’re not hard to find, and a couple of minutes searching should provide you all you need to find a profitable code!

While this depends heavily on the online casino you game with, most follow a similar structure of redemption.

First, log into your account, and head to the "Cashier" from the main lobby. Once there, you should see a tab called “Redeem Voucher” or similar, and here, simply enter your code, and watch as the reward gets credited to your account!

If you can’t find the “Redeem Voucher” tab, or the code doesn’t work, simply get on to the live support team who’ll be able to help you.

Always Remember: Read the specific conditions and terms that accompany a Casino Bonus Code. This helps you avoid problems later down the line (by, for example, staking too much on a game etc.) and means you have a complete idea of what’s allowed, and what’s not.

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